Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Memory of Kevin

"I know the kids enjoyed the day, but I think I received much more from the experience than they did. I sought out a volunteer opportunity in memory of my son who passed away on Nov 5, 2009. This was a perfect way to honor him, as he was a voracious reader."
--Kelly Border, from Magnolia Elementary Grade 4

Thank you, Kelly for sharing Kevin with us- and for reminding us how important reading can be in a child's life. We welcome you to the Reading to Kids family.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspiring Comments from New Readers!

Reading to Kids would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who came out to read on January 9th! Here are just some of the inspiring comments from new volunteers:

"I was so impressed with the number of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who regularly give their time to Reading to Kids."
--Katherine Tolford, reader at Gratts Elementary

"I feel Reading to Kids is a great organization and I admire the coordinators and volunteers for all of their hard work. I plan to stick with this and continue doing what I can to help. My overall experience at Gratts Elementary was great and I cannot wait to continue helping in the future."
--Rudie Galloway, reader from Gratts Elementary Grade 5

"The kids truly connected with the reading material. They came alive trying to guess what would happen next in the story and were eager to help us read along. It was such a wonderful experience and I look forward to coming back next month!"
--Stephanie Bohn, reader from Los Angeles Elementary Grade K

"Thank you for developing such an amazing programm. (I am) honored to be a part of it."
--Anna Aristova, reader from Politi Elementary Grade K

"I cannot tell you what a rewarding experience this was for me. It is one of those things that you walk away from saying: 'they just did more for me than I did for them.'"
--Vince Ponder, reader from White Elementary Grade K

"I worked with a kindergarten class and it went smoothly, the students paid attention and I really enjoyed my experience."
--Rosalva Rojas, reader from White Elementary Grade K