Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Donate, by Julie Moskovitz

When I was at UCLA, I became involved in community service as a member of Alpha Phi Omega. Of all the projects I participated in, the one that I enjoyed the most was Reading to Kids. 

Reading to Kids was different. Everything just came together. Kids were happy and excited to be at school on a Saturday morning, and volunteers were dedicated and spent their time making sure my experience was great. And the impact that every single person was having on the kids was noticeable. 

I volunteered off and on over the years, but the first month Reading to Kids was at Los Angeles Elementary was when I became hooked. I arrived, the Site Coordinator needed help, and I was a GLC for the first time. And I have been at Los Angeles ever since! Slowly I have become more and more involved. First it was volunteering at one of the social events, then joining a few committees, and before I knew it, I was the Special Events Committee Co-Chair!

The reason why I've become so involved is, at every level, from the smallest task to planning the Annual Comedy Night, I know I'm making a difference, and my time is valued. I've also made amazing friends along the way, which makes every event, every meeting, and every reading club even more rewarding. 

The reason I donate to Reading to Kids is the same reason I volunteer. Every donation is going towards books, supplies, and staff, who work hard to make the reading clubs possible.
You can be sure that your donation will make an impact, make a difference, and in a small way, make the world a better place.

Be Inspired. Donate. www.readingtokids.org