Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Reading to Kids Volunteers Are Saying...

Here are some of the great things that volunteers had to say after the December Reading Clubs:

Alejandra Arciniega, (5x) from Esperanza Elementary Grade K shares:

"We had pre-k and the kids were AMAZING. Some of them translated from English to Spanish and back so all the kids could understand. Like "beach" means "playa" and then all the kids followed along."

Sherry Dadci, (1x) from Esperanza Elementary Grade 4 shares:

"I really look forward to Reading to Kids because I know that I can help them read. They have a better and brighter future."

One anonymous reader shares:
"I really enjoyed my experience with Reading to Kids. It's so inspirational to see the kids' faces light up when we get into the readings."

Kavita Bhuyan,(5x reader) from Alta Loma Elementary Grade K shares:
"It's worth every minute to see the kids happy."

Alejandra Arciniega,(5x reader) from Esperanza Elementary Grade K shares
"I've never worked with pre-k and I brought my boyfriend with me. When the little kids started crying I was a little bit scared. Once I introduced myself and walked them through what we were going to do, they were great. They really came out of their shells."

Patty Peters, (12x) from Los Angeles Elementary Grade 2 shares:
"Thanks for doing a great job and providing me with the opportunity to volunteer! I know there's tons of work, but it always seems to come together and work great. Thanks!"

Tiffany Tam, (0x) from Magnolia Elementary Grade 1 of UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai Chapter responds:
"Reading to Kids helped me remember way back to the time when I first fell in love with reading. I felt like I had been given a very special opportunity and responsibility to bring the picture book to life and get the kids involved in the story. [This] wasn't hard considering the excellent book I had to work with and the tips that Reading to Kids provided me with. Volunteering with Reading to Kids was so much fun that I immediately shared my experience with my friends after my first day as a reader!"