Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank You August Readers!

Thanks to all 412 volunteers who came out to read to 885 kids at the August 9th "Movies & Books" reading clubs.

Here's what some volunteers are saying:

"There are very few things that are more satisfying than helping a child to read. Reading for Kids makes it easy to open a child to the world of reading."
-Erica Flener, Gratts Elementary

"It's very resassuring to see that there are parents who honestly care about the experiences to which their children are exposed. The kids I've been lucky enough to work with at Reading To Kids are fantastic (not to mention, exceptionally bright) , but the parents are really the foundation of the program. I hope they (the parents) know how much their participation is appreciated, too."
-Richard Frazer, Magnolia Elementary

"When the children become so engrossed is the story that you're reading to them, it's such a delight to see the expressions on their faces and how much they're enjoying the experience that, that joy is mirrored back to the readers and it feels like Christmas morning."
-Margaret Parker, White Elementary

"Loads of fun for kids and volunteers alike! A true community-building interactive experience!"
-Leslie Reed, Hoover Elementary

"It is so wonderful to see how happy and special the children feel to be able to come to school, make special art projects, and get a book. I have always loved working with children and the feeling I get from inspiring them, but this program is so much more rewarding. Knowing that I am trying to help an underprivileged child to love learning and making their day by showing how much we care is so gratifying."
-Jennifer Segundo, Gratts Elementary

"The Reading to Kids program is a great resource for area's schools. But in addition to being an engaging experience for the students, it's also equally engaging for the volunteers. It's more than just "giving back" to the community - it's interacting with the community and knowing you're a part of it."
-Charity Tran, Hoover Elementary